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Our approach to meet complex needs

Id 11 is a company that provides engineering and architectural services mainly for sectors such as agribusiness, industrial, commercial and service industry. Our experience in design, construction, and maintenance have led us to acquire specific skills in various fields and areas, as well as to develop a working method to optimize resources and client demands.

Id 11 was founded in 2011 with the aim of operating first and foremost through an ethic, that of “good building rules.”

The precision of a methodological and organizational approach coupled with the ability to work in teams to integrate diverse skills are the foundations of Id 11’s work.

Asking questions, questioning things, and investigating before deciding what and how to design is a philosophy shared by our entire group. An important value that combined with a focus on quality and the specific skills of each individual becomes a constant in all our projects.


Acting methodically to optimize them

Themethodological and organizational approach adopted by Id 11 has as its objective the efficiency of the process that, starting from the understanding of the real needs of the client through the initial analysis, guarantees: the quality of the project and intervention; the optimization of delivery times; and the optimization of overall costs.

The premise of our working method lies in the practice of planning, cooperation, coordination andintegration of specific skills In the different stages of the project. The phases include preliminary identification of requirements; assessment of needs, interests and expectations of the stakeholders involved; balancing of various design constraints; and optimization of decision-making and collaboration processes among the parties.

Id Group's working method

Collection and development of initial project needs and data, feasibility studies, economic analysis, and budget estimates.
Project Management
Activity planning, time and cost control, coordination and management of communication within the project.
Concept and design through BIM project.
and procurement
Contracts and Procurement
Tender management, contracting and bid management.
Construction site
Construction site
Construction management, safety and testing.

How Methodological Management Affects Risks/Impacts and Time/Costs.

Preliminary planning work endorsed by an effective management system allows us to have every design and construction phase under control, thus avoiding delays, variants during construction, increased construction time and final costs. Our approach involves maintaining a constant balance between the various steps involved, through precise and timely initial analysis, careful planning, collaboration among the various units involved, and continuous monitoring. Each phase is given equal importance allowing us to keep unforeseen contingencies to a minimum and best manage each project.

Errata gestione del lavoro

Failure to manage metoDOlogical: Negative effects .

Id-Group corretta gestione del lavoro

methoDOlogical management: Positive effects


Id group has been working for years with the best partners in the industry in order to guarantee the customer the best possible quality


Id 11 is a member of ASSOBIM, the association that was created with the aim of giving representativeness to the “technological” supply chain of Building Information Modeling, better known as BIM.

The association’s mission is to promote the digitization process of the construction industry.


Id 11 is associated with IBIMIBUILDING SMART, the Italian chapter of buildingSMART, which is committed to the creation and development of digital and open working methods for the development of the built environment.


Id 11 is associated with ISI, which involves the different actors working in the field of Italian Earthquake Engineering.


Id 11 is associated with UNI, the Italian National Unification Body, which develops, approves and publishes voluntary technical standards for all industrial, commercial and service sectors. It is recognized by the Italian state and the European Union.


Id 11 holds the following certifications


Sistema di Gestione della Qualità UNI EN ISO 9001 - Id group

Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001

Id group is certified with the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System with ICMQ. All of our organization’s activities and processes comply with the standards set forth in ISO 9001, which, in addition to improving and making business performance more efficient, increase the value and quality of services offered by ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with applicable mandatory regulations.

IQNET - Id group

Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001

It is an internationally recognized certification program about the sustainability of buildings. It considers the whole life cycle of the building, from the design stage, from the perspective of environmental, economic, health and welfare impacts. Aspects considered are: site sustainability, water management, energy, materials and resources used, indoor environmental quality, and design innovation.

Sistema di Gestione BIM (SGBIM) UNI / PdR 74:2019 - Id group

BIM Management System (SGBIM) UNI / PdR 74:2019

Id group is certified with BIM Management System (SGBIM) UNI / PdR 74:2019 with ICMQ. The BIM Management System certification certifies that our organization is able to properly and competently manage its activities with the BIM methodology and ensures our BIM experts the maximum efficiency of the digitized process of planning, design, production, operation, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning of the real estate asset, guaranteeing above all the maximum satisfaction of the client, whether public or private.

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