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Construction of large stormwater collection tank

Construction of an articulated stormwater collection system

SECTOR: Agribusiness
Procurement management
Id-Group Direzione Lavori
Construction site management
SECTOR: Agribusiness

Agricola Tre Valli Cooperative Society is part of the Veronesi Group and operates in the meat and egg processing sector. The production site of Santa Maria di Zevio in Verona, intended specifically for the treatment and processing of meat, was the subject of a major urbanization project that also meant a project of hydraulic invariance and adaptation to the Water Protection Plan.

Designing a tank of significant size


The hydraulic invariance study was followed by the design and construction of a fully buried tank intended for stormwater collection. The concrete structure measuring about 70 meters in length, 15 meters in width and 14 meters in height is comparable to the typical one designed for bridges, being itself fully driveable by design requirement.

Plumbing Studio

Hydraulic Engineering

The design of the underground basin also involved the study and resolution of the hydraulic uplift phenomenon (Uplift), due to the presence of a major, high water table (whose upward thrust from below could be associated in this case with the weight of a residential tower of about 15 stories).

Study and manage a construction site in the presence of a major aquifer

Construction management

The study of the construction site and the construction phase had to solve the problems related to the water table mentioned earlier, which required the operation of an exceptional water drainage system more akin to the system of emitting water from wells than a traditional wellpoint system.
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