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Poultry hatchery construction

Construction of a new poultry hatchery

SECTOR: Agro-Zootechnical
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Construction site management
SECTOR: Agro-Zootechnical

The La Pellegrina Spa Agricultural Company, of the Veronesi Group, needed to build a new poultry hatchery within the present industrial area at Piane in the municipality of Larino in the province of Campobasso.

The company’s requirement was to construct a building according to modern production logic that involves the installation of newly developed equipment in order to achieve efficiency in terms of production, energy efficiency, environmental protection and animal welfare. The poultry hatchery will specifically carry out egg incubation for hatching, hatching and processing of chicks, which will then be transferred and destined for poultry farms.

The project

Architecture and Engineering

The project saw the production building developed over a usable area of about 20,000 square meters, including also the construction of a hub intended for technological facilities. The building integrates an architectural dynamism to a unique structure whose design faced a difficult condition dictated by the locations (low soil bearing capacity and seismic zone 2) combined with very high operating load requirements. The structure was solved with foundation piles, vertical structures of prestressed reinforced concrete, and a special and unique horizontal wooden truss structure with a free span of inflection greater than 50 meters (similar to a typical bridge structure), the height dimension of which contains and makes usable the entire technological compartment above the production floor.

Analyzing and Designing Biosecurity


Building a new poultry hatchery also meant scrupulous analysis and precise planning in terms of health safety to avoid dangerous contamination by biological agents within the production block. The poultry hatchery was therefore designed on multiple levels of security, both external and internal to the building, which involved specific biocontainment measures from possible attacks by dangerous biological agents.
Other Project Focuses