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Production site facade system upgrading

Renovation and redevelopment intervention

SECTOR: Agro-Industrial
LOCATION: Quinto di Valpantena (VR)
Procurement management
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Construction site management
SECTOR: Agro-Industrial
LOCATION: Quinto di Valpantena (VR)

The Veronesi spa company is part of the Veronesi Group, Italy’s fifth-largest agri-food (with the A.I.A. and Negroni brands) and a national leader in the production of animal feed under the Veronesi brand. The Quinto di Valpantena production site in Verona needed upgrading and retrofitting of the west and north facade of the main factory building, facing Via Valpantena. Specifically for the intervention, the aim was to replace the current facade system, consisting of metal panel infill, with a cladding that would dialogue, in form and materials, with the rest of the production complex but, and more importantly, that would have a sound-absorbing function, so as to reduce noise dispersion from the technological systems operating inside the processing tower.

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The major issue with this type of intervention, in a context embedded within a functioning production site that cannot stop working, is related to the dynamics of façade replacement. For production reasons, the existing façade had to be kept unchanged until the new facade was completed, and then removed by “pulling it off” from the inside at a later stage. The peculiarity of the intervention is twofold and lies both in the study of the executive/operational technique of dismantling the existing wall and in the engineering study with regard to the new facade, which was to be a finished facing, with a height of about 40 meters, capable of functioning statically independently and autonomously.

Study the stages of intervention

Construction management

The intervention program consisted of several macro phases of work, which included a first major phase of moving the interfering underground technical networks, a second inherent in the construction of the foundation system of the new facade abutting the existing one, the subsequent construction of the new facade system, and finally the phase of dismantling the existing facade.

Analyze flows and interferences to better manage the site

Project Management

The facade replacement work required a very thorough and precisely arranged work program so that the construction site would not interfere with the operation of the plant and in particular with the activities of the feed processing tower, of which the facade is a component. This involved an initial phase of detailed analysis of the production dynamics present, with identification of all possible interferences. The result has been adherence to the cost and schedule of the construction site.
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