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Wine cellar construction

New construction intervention

SECTOR: Agro-Viniculture
LOCATION: Cazzano di Tramigna (Verona)
Procurement management
Id-Group Direzione Lavori
Construction site management
Construction site safety
SECTOR: Agro-Viniculture
LOCATION: Cazzano di Tramigna (Verona)

Bennati is a historic family winery in Valtramigna that has been producing high quality wines, including Amarone and Recioto, with significant sales volume since 1920. The design of the new space required care in designing the production and administrative functions, and an image appropriate to the local tradition, which the company relies on. The newly constructed building involved a single floor with a vertical structure, where to reconcile the area for wine storage (empty bottle storage/finished product storage in bottles and tanks/receiving/shipping), the area dedicated to fermentation, and a service and office block.

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