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Renovation of raw material storage technology group

SECTOR: Agro-Industrial
LOCATION: Ospedaletto Euganeo (PD)
Procurement management
Id-Group Direzione Lavori
Construction site management
Construction site safety
Technical Consultancy
SECTOR: Agro-Industrial
LOCATION: Ospedaletto Euganeo (PD)

The Veronesi Spa company is part of the Veronesi Group, Italy’s fifth-largest agribusiness company (with the A.I.A. and Negroni brands) and a national leader in the production of animal feed under the Veronesi brand. The Ospedaletto Euganeo production site needed extraordinary maintenance of the technological systems present, upgrading of part of the production buildings present, and works to bring the site in line with the Water Protection Plan regulations. Specifically for the intervention on the technological facilities, these were two silos for raw material storage to be replaced with 4 + 4 batteries of silos respectively, which, due to the presence of urban planning constraints, would have to be placed close to the existing ones.

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