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Renovation of food technology center

Renovation and extraordinary maintenance work

SECTOR: Agribusiness
LOCATION: Zevio (Verona)
Procurement management
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Construction site management
Construction site safety
SECTOR: Agribusiness
LOCATION: Zevio (Verona)

The company A.I.A. Spa is part of the Veronesi Group, and is positioned as the leading brand in the poultry industry in Europe. The A.I.A. request was for the construction of some maintenance and service works of the existing technological facilities in the outdoor area. The main intervention consisted of the installation of two diathermic fluid heat generators, with two complementary works: the construction of a reinforced concrete tank where to house the tanks for diathermic oils, currently present in another area, and necessary for their operating cycle; and the construction of a reinforced concrete barrier and removable liquid containment bulkheads necessary to cope with any spillage from the technological installations.

Studying a site for a working site

project management / construction management

The main issue faced in carrying out the works was managing the time and processes of a construction site embedded within a working production site. This is a particularly important issue for agribusiness operations, given the strict safety regulations in general and the impossibility of stopping the production cycle. Close planning of activities and site management have been the two factors for success in maintenance work, without creating disruptions with production.

Planning for extraordinary maintenance


The construction of the site within a working production complex, and in particular within the area dedicated to the entire technological component of the plant that makes it work, involved the design of a series of preparatory works to enable it to run smoothly. The project for A.I.A. also involved special design studies for the construction of the underground tanks, as they are adjacent to the foundations of the existing building intended for production and therefore have possible static risks.
Other Project Focuses