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Construction of sewage treatment plant

Construction of a new sewage treatment plant

SECTOR: Agribusiness
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SECTOR: Agribusiness

The company A.I.A. Spa is part of the Veronesi Group, and is positioned as the leading brand in the poultry industry in Europe. The production site of Santa Maria di Zevio in Verona, intended for the treatment and processing of animal raw materials, is projected to increase its production capacity in a major way and therefore needed a new purification plant capable of supporting the new loads resulting from the production process.

Plumbing Studio

Hydraulic Engineering

The new sewage treatment plant was designed away from the existing plant, which had to be involved and kept active, in a location that integrated the requirements of being close to the discharge to the receiving water body, being on the edge of the production site and production dynamics but still close to and not far from the existing plant. The choice made entailed a special hydraulic study due both to having to connect the two plants but also mainly due to the plano-altimetric conditions of the new plant with respect to the receptor water body and the pre-existing conditions, such as the consortium irrigation canal system between the receptor body and the new plant.

Study the phases of Intervention

Construction management

The intervention program included several work areas and multiple work phases, providing for the operation of the existing plant until the new plant was built and commissioned. The first phase involved the construction of the clarifier and its connection to the existing plant. A second phase will see the construction of the connection of the new clarifier to the receiving water body, which will take place across a provincial road and in the presence of many important sub-services. As a final stage, the new sewage treatment tanks will be built and the existing plant unhooked.
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